Precision Built Benchrest, Hunting
and Live Varmint Rifles


Now Offering CNC Milling!

Our recently-added HAAS CNC Mill allows faster turnaround on barrel and bolt fluting.
We are very excited about this new capability. In some cases, customers can receive a turnaround on their bolt fluting in as little as a day or two (depending on various factors, of course).

from Pete Pieper

Precision Barrel Work grew from my days as a Benchrest Rifle Competitor in the early 90s. Success in Benchrest Competition necessitates strict adherence to minimal tolerance and painstaking devotion to detail. In Benchrest, as with most anything, you have two choices when it comes to your equipment - pay someone or do it yourself.

I quickly came to the conclusion that I could turn out a rifle as accurate as the best available while ensuring that nothing was compromised for the sake of volume. Success brought admiration and I soon found myself doing the chamber jobs for fellow competitors. This culminated into Precision Barrel Work, the Business.

Though I remain an active competitor at heart, my priority now is the satisfaction of knowing that the work that comes out of my shop is as good as the best there is.

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