Frequently, we are asked what level of accuracy we guarantee for our completed rifles. 3⁄4 inch? 1⁄2 inch? Due to constant and excessive variables in all aspects of shooting -- including differences in barrels, bullets, powders, primers or scopes, firing circumstances such as weather, aiming, trigger handling and shot breaking -- no gunsmith should claim to guarantee shooting accuracy. For instance, there is a big difference between the accuracy you get from hunting bullets verses match grade target bullets. One is designed for expansion on game and one is designed for target work only. For these specific reasons we do not make accuracy claims to customers. However, we do guarantee exemplary gunsmith work. While we won’t make specific accuracy claims, previous work has shown that when all conditions are optimal, rifles of 30 caliber and under are shooting around 1⁄2 Inch )and often times less). Target rifles (i.e., benchrest) have proven to shoot in the 1 to 2/10 range.

This is precisely analgous to an engine builder’s position on a racing team. He can’t guarantee the driver that his "new" engine is going to win the race for him by a margin of "so many seconds" -- or that he will even win at all. Engine builders, like gunsmiths, are actually only assemblers and the difference between good ones and the not-so-good ones is found entirely in the care with which they employ their craft. The old phrases "That’s racing", and "That’s shooting" are one in the same. The only differences being the parts in question; an engine or a barrel.


Bore diameters vary from barrel to barrel (oftentimes considerably). For this reason, we use carbide and high speed steel live-piloted reamers. This allows us to match individual bore diameter to within tolerances of .0002 of an inch or less. A solid piloted reamer would never permit such a fit unless there happened to be a perfect match between bore and pilot diameter. For this reason, we invest in the best tooling we can get. This produces superior results with more concentric chambers.

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