The latest addition at PBW: a Haas CNC mill

Another recent introduction -- our new Acer manual frequency drive mill

The sign behind me says it all

Factory Remington Varmint barrel with our standard helical fluting

Remington Sporter barrel with our standard diamond pattern fluting

Blueprint work on a Remington 700 action

Frontal of Remington 700 showing face and fully machine locking lug abutments

Remington 700 showing bolt in place

Remington 700 long action with high helix bolt flutes
Remington 700 long action with standard helical bolt fluting
Bolts (from left to right) with high helix, standard helix and small diamond flutes
Remington 700 SA left hand chambered in 25-270 WSM
Remington 700 SA recessed 11 degree target crown of the 25-270 WSM
6mm BR belonging to Bryant Stein of Spring, TX, complete with a nice buck and test targets
Remington actions awaiting new barrel installation
Remington 700 LA bolt with large diamond pattern flutes
Remington stainless LA with high helix fluting
One of the targets I’m most proud of, shot by Butch Lambert at American Shooting Centers, Houston, TX in July of 1996.  Group measures .153 @ 200 yds. for 5 shots
Good friend and customer, Darel Sapp of Savannah, GA with an impressive Wyoming mule deer taken with custom Stolle actioned 7mm Rem. Mag